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Silent day, silent night

Standing on a packed London underground train last week I was drawn to a poster advert from Age UK, highlighting the plight of a million or so lonely elderly people, some of whom don’t have any human contact for up to 6 days at a time. Not for...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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Just an illusion

Trying to locate Trip Advisor's number one rated restaurant in London in November proved a conundrum for would be customers, the restaurant simply didn't exist. The whole rouse was the brainchild of Oobah Butler, who got the idea partly from ...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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170 days and counting

No, it’s not Christmas which is scarily only 23 days away! It’s another coming of sorts, the new GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation to be launched May 2018.The new regulation replaces the 1995 Data Protection Act, which came into ...
Anne Marie Forsyth
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Confused? You don't need to be

Most of us will have listened to at least some of Philip Hammond’s budget - only 6 months since the last one but delivered in a challenging new world post snap election, whilst still wading through Brexit. It was the usual balancing act of appe...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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Feeling good in a changing world

With over 40 speakers addressing CCA Convention over the last two days, there was certainly no shortage of analysis, wisdom and experience to keep delegates entertained.Davis cup coach Leon Smith reminded us that teams are made up of divas and introv...
Anne Marie Forsyth, Chief Executive, CCA
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CCA CEO Anne Marie Forsyth was involved in a radio day with Salesforce talking about new consumer research they have just conducted with YouGov which shows that customer attitudes to service are actually improving. We talked to a range of stations up and down the country all of whom were enthusiastic and encouraged by the findings.

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Guest Blog

Shine a light...

Each week there is something in the news about disgruntled customers. Citizens Advice announced their findings around who’s winning and losing the customer service battle ratings amongst the energy firms. The research stated that while price i...
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Weekly Spotlight

Building a bridge ?' what you need to know to communicate better with your customers

When people talk to people, it’s simple: a short text, a quick chat or even a few emojis get the point across. But when businesses talk to people, the experience can get complicated. A new report from CCA Annual Gold Partners Twilio, shares co...
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