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Following the herd

At the foot of our garden under a tree, yesterday I discovered a carefully collated assortment of toys, mangled old objects, missing slippers and a few footballs. It's the work of Ted my industrious border collie who doesn't have any sheep to...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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It started with a .... ahhgm cough

Theresa May must have wished for a divine medical intervention to stop coughing at her party conference last week. Despite the daily diet of medical wonders the world of science unleashes, it was ironically the simple throaty cough that started a cha...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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Thinking global acting local

The last few weeks have heralded depressing news about 'faceless' organisations being unaccountable to employees, customers and governments alike. The Uber revelations around the treatment and scrutiny of its workers are an eye opener to say...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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Listen and listen again to the voices of experience

This week I was definitely 'in Europe' as I visited the amazing Plantronics’ customer centre in Amsterdam. The visit was to celebrate their success in achieving CCA Global Standard© once again which they are now rolling out in cent...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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It's not what the doctor ordered

Between Trump and 'the rocket man', aka Kim ...., the truly awful earthquake in Mexico, ongoing misery from the storm Maria, and the jaw-dropping lack of care, experienced by many thousands of travellers caught up in the Ryanair debacle, the...
Anne Marie Forsyth, CEO, CCA
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CCA CEO Anne Marie Forsyth was involved in a radio day with Salesforce talking about new consumer research they have just conducted with YouGov which shows that customer attitudes to service are actually improving. We talked to a range of stations up and down the country all of whom were enthusiastic and encouraged by the findings.

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Guest Blog

Shine a light...

Each week there is something in the news about disgruntled customers. Citizens Advice announced their findings around who’s winning and losing the customer service battle ratings amongst the energy firms. The research stated that while price i...
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Weekly Spotlight

Plain Sailing - CalMac Ferries

For some of us, summer conjures up the images of holidays on sandy beaches, crystal blue seas and the warm sun on our faces. For the 5 million ferry passengers that visit the west coast of Scotland’s islands and rural communities each year, the...
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