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We are passionate about customer service. In collaboration with our members, we develop products that assist organisations, in all sectors of the economy, embrace the value of customer contact across every communication channel. Understanding the needs of our profession and responding to the challenges of delivering a great customer experience is what matters most to CCA.

CCA Convention 2016: Digital Social Mobile 16-17 November

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Avoiding that sinking feeling

This has been one of those weeks as they say, a combination of upgrading everything in the CCA office to Windows 365 and bravely upgrading to the new iPhone iOS. It's fair to say that I feel forced into becoming left-handed with my right-hand firmly ...

Mind your language

Research released this week from Exeter University claims that the humble cod develops 'regional accents' to help them understand fellow cod, and continue to mate when in new waters away from home territory. Sound fishy? Underwater microphones recor...

Least Worst

Imagine you were part of the interview panel to decide whether Hillary or Donald got the job of CEO of USA? As the biggest leadership role on our planet, the end of interview wrap up discussions would be fascinating.‘Hillary has certainly got b...
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