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Future Contact Centre Customer

What are the top customer service strategies to service the contact centre customer of the future?

This research we are conducting in association with Kura focuses specifically on:
The biggest customer service challenges facing organisations
How challenges like reducing customer effort, improving quality and meeting the rising expectations of customers are being tackled
Whether organisations are flexible enough to adapt to ever increasing opportunities
How proactive organisations are being with their customer service strategy

People & HR Forum Meeting Report - 23/01/18

CCA People & HR Forum launched on 23 January 2018. The session was facilitated by Liz Barclay and topics discussed included recruitment, EQ competency, mental health and millenials.
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The Future Workforce - Leaders are you listening?

This CCA project, carried out in partnership with Arise, Kura & Plantronics, focuses on understanding the needs, challenges and desires of today's front-line employee and tomorrow's workforce of the future.
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Collaborative Working: Harnessing technology to improve collective agent activity

Technology has radically changed the way our customers communicate with us and their service expectations continue to increase. How are businesses using technology to communicate internally, and with customers, to keep up?
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Becoming digital - Are you ready?

Download this research to find out how digitisation of customer experiences can bring wide-ranging benefits to organisations.
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Digital Technology: Enabling organisations to improve customer experience

This latest research project, in association with KCOM, focuses in on how we are adopting digital technologies to transform our customer contact experience.
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Current Trends in Business Process Outsourcing

For this research, conducted in association with Silver Partners Agilisys, we surveyed both BPO operators and in-house providers on their views on some critical issues related to the outsourcing agenda.
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CCA Research Compendium 15/16

CCA Research Compendium is an essential reference source for customer contact professionals.
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