This week’s CCA Industry Council focused on the main challenges facing some of our biggest brands in meeting changing consumer demands.

An insightful case study was presented by our host, Barclays Wealth, detailing their journey from a cost to value service, aiming to harmonise global operations.  Groundbreaking developments such as the use of voice biometrics for real-time verification will surely delight those customers weary of memorising multiple passwords, not to mention repeatedly confirming pets names and special places.  Of course the benefit extends to advisors who can instead focus on the conversation they really want to have; a neat example of technology enabling the whole human experience.

On a similar vein we heard about Tesco's growing use of analytics and how this can accurately arm team leaders with coaching issues at the frontline.  The group debated the growing use of video technology for some services, and we were treated to some great insights from NHS 24 around the use of video for pre and post operative consultation sessions in remote areas of the country.

Sky's innovative use of iPads for their engineers to demo additional services to customers in their own homes reminded us of the growing need to understand those situations where customers want us to be there for them in their journey - a perfect sales through service example.

Progress towards the ‘Camelot’ round table scenario from last year’s Convention was described by Standard Life with their appointment of a Chief Customer Officer - a title which will surely find its rightful place in most large organisations before too long.

Our consultation with members highlighted a desire to understand more about how the ‘giff gaff’ customer collaboration model could apply to different sectors.  Professor Alan Wilson from Strathclyde University shared his considerable expertise in this field using Tom Tom satellite navigation as a working example. This topic will be a main focus for the group over the next few months and we will highlight case studies demonstrating benefits for both customer and of course employees.

So lots to be getting on with - but after the Easter break of course! 

Have a lovely weekend - enjoy the chocolate if not the weather!