Each week there is something in the news about disgruntled customers. Citizens Advice announced their findings around who’s winning and losing the customer service battle ratings amongst the energy firms. The research stated that while price is the biggest factor in encouraging consumers to switch, having additional information on service performance helps consumers make their final choice. Their new ‘star’ rating will now appear as part of the organisation’s price comparison tool and will allow people to see costs alongside the customer service ranking.
Similarly, Ofcom announced a new, proposed plan for landline and broadband customers who suffer poor service to get automatically compensated by their provider. The payments would apply whenever services go wrong and are not fixed quickly enough. Proposals from the main providers to self-manage this were felt by the regulator to not be strong enough so consultation on the plans is now underway and Ofcom estimate up to £185m could be paid out.
It’s easy to get caught up in the spiral of dealing with customer complaints; managing disgruntled boards and senior execs who are worried about any potential negative press; and of course, pacifying unhappy employees at the sharp end of responding to customers. Each day there is a new battle for customer service to fight.
What’s important amongst all of this is to shine a light on the areas of your business that you know are working hard to tackle these challenges head on and are excelling in their drive to succeed.
I had the privilege this week to facilitate a workshop for more than 35 leading brands who want to showcase the stars in their organisation – whether that be a specific team, individual or programme. Businesses taking the time out to share ideas and commit to showcasing the service excellence in their organisations.
I have been Chair of CCA Excellence Awards programme for many years now, and I’m always encouraged, enthused and inspired when I see the commitment, dedication and innovation that organisations are demonstrating in their drive towards service improvement. Shining a light on what’s good in your business is essential for motivating colleagues who are working tirelessly to meet customer demands; for boards who need to better understand the critical role these teams and individuals play in a successful business; and of course, for customers to see that whilst we don’t always get things right, we are working hard to make it better.
So have a think about where you can shine a light in your business and step up to the challenge to be recognised and to recognise others.

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