Google’s much awaited tally of the year’s clicks was revealed this week as it has, for the first time, released a city-by-city breakdown of the most popular 'how to' terms entered into its search engine.
In London, Glasgow, Brighton and Leeds, 'how to kiss", was the number one search, whilst Mancunians want to learn crocheting and the residents of Cardiff and Liverpool are keen to learn how to draw!
Aside from finding out ‘how to’ we are of course clicking more than ever to shop; indeed UK leads the way globally in this fast growing trend with researchers forecasting significant increases in the years ahead. Discussions about deliveries (or not!) have become mainstream conversations as we adapt to this new phenomenon. Our expectations are driven by promises of one click, free deliveries, and critically; choice in a highly competitive market. 
At this time of year we have the certainty of Santa seamlessly and magically taking care of our desires with one click of a wish list. In a way we have similar expectations of our online shopping all year round; we don’t need nor want to know the mechanics, so long as it arrives on the doorstep. Most of us appreciate the mammoth team effort that guarantees Santa’s success at every point of the customer journey. From the supplier relationships to the care of the delivery team, it all goes to plan, as if by magic.
The recent hiccups in some of the best brands of online shopping show just how difficult it is to get things right all the time. As consumers, our expectations will not abate, but undoubtedly become greater. The message for decision makers is that activities that happen at the ‘outposts’ of organisations like customer contact operations, complaints and deliveries, are the very things that make or break brands every day of the year - not just at Christmas.
So let’s raise a glass to Santa, the model of service to which we should all aspire - just how does he get those reindeers to arrive on time at every home?
In the spirit of Christmas giving CCA has synthesised our Top Ten Learnings from CCA Convention 2014 to help us all ‘Raise the bar’ for 2015 - and I promise you it is indeed sealed with a click
Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!