This week's blog has been penned by Matthew Poyiadgi, Managing Director Europe, Pearson VUE.

Matthew joins us at Convention on 26 November to deliver an engaging and thought-provoking presentation which will make us think about how technology is altering how we think, work and learn.  His session will look at the pace of technological change, some of the technologies that are impacting learning and how social media is changing how we engage our learners, workers and customers of tomorrow.  



Yesterday, I attended a large industry conference with the usual plethora of speakers, good and bad use of technology in story-telling and how it helps or hinders engagement with our audiences. By the time the last speaker - with his three-piece suit and turned-up handlebar moustache – strolled on stage, I was ready to call it day. Taking a seat in the back row, close to the exit, I was already striking the poor guy off as not credible.

A behavioural psychologist with work experience as diverse as working for the NHS and Disney, this young dandy started with a story about bad customer service come good.

He had booked a table at a top London restaurant and upon arrival was told there was no record of the booking. Of course, he was not pleased. The maitre d, apologised, gave him a seat at the bar and offered him a free cocktail. The least you would expect, he said. He then made arrangements for a new table to be set up and asked him what he would like to eat. Still, young dandy was not amused. ‘Well, maybe you can give me a menu?’ he snapped. The maitre'd responded: ‘You don’t need a menu, sir – whatever you want to eat we will prepare it for you.’

Not only did I find this an excellent example of customer service – in perfect sync with the customer – but the young dandy speaker went on to deliver a meticulously studied and synchronised presentation combining video, music and compelling anecdotes.

He moved effortlessly from one segment to the next, with stirring orchestral scores signalling different themes and content.

Here was a perfect example of the convergence of technology and talent used to engage and shape the minds of his audience.

It’s a theme I hope to touch more on at the CCA conference (see programme here).  Just don’t expect an upturned handle-bar moustache.