2016 Programme

CCA Industry Council is an independent source of the latest thinking, benchmarking data and thought-leadership research for senior executives working in the areas of customer service delivery and customer management.

It blends a quarterly programme of research, benchmarking, collaborative case studies and future-scenario building, all designed around four major topics.

All services are managed by CCA in association with academics, consultants and expert facilitators, dedicated to serving the needs of all members of CCA Industry Council Leadership Forum.

The agenda for CCA Industry Council Leadership Forum is developed in collaboration with participants.

Four core topics are agreed in advance for each year, with supplementary topics being identified by participants throughout the research period. Access is available to Platinum Members only. The programme for 2016 is as follows:


Jan to Mar 2016

Customer service must become core: Customer service must become integral and therefore 'stitched in' to all elements of the brand or service offering.

Expert Contributor: Ben Page, Chief Executive, Ipsos MORI
'In business, the year (2015) saw rising confidence, and pressures for rapid innovation remaining unchanged. As we examine here, the media, banking and retailing are all undergoing a revolution. Last year we talked about the arrival of mobile payments - I'm now typing this on a tube journey which I paid for with my mobile: Apple Pay arrived this summer.'


Apr to Jun 2016

Changing culture so everyone is facing customer: Culture change must be driven through the entire organisation so that every colleague sees customer service as part of their job.

Expert Contributor: Emma Bell, Coach, Facilitator, Speaker and Author
'Strong relationships are the foundation stones of personal and corporate success. To be effective leaders, to engage and inspire, to deliver the best customer experience - all these require that you can positively influence and connect with colleagues and clients at all levels and across the decades.'


Jul to Sep 2016

Innovating like a start-up: The only way to move fast enough to stay ahead of the competition and meet evolving consumer and business needs.

Expert Contributor: Customer Journey Mapping by Oracle
Customer journey mapping and experience design are among the most powerful tools customer-centric organisations have for innovating and offering differentiated experiences and driving cross-functional alignment and action. By engaging with peers and expert coaches, participants will gain first hand knowledge of how to develop a human-centres approach to customer experience design from the customer's point of view.


Oct to Dec 2016

Powerful and effective leadership - creating an environment for people to flourish: How can you develop your leadership skills to create an environment where people flourish, fully utilising the talent in your business to transform your service offering.

Expert Contributor: Matthew Syed
Learning from failure has the status of a cliché, but Matthew's latest book reveals the astonishing story behind the most powerful method of learning known to mankind, and reveals the arsenal of techniques wielded by some of the world's most innovative organisations. It also reveals the dangers of failing to learn from mistakes. Following Matthew's keynote presentation at CCA Convention in November 2015 his expert contribution will support group discussion and enhance debate amongst participants.

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CCA Industry Council Leadership Forum blends a quarterly programme of research, benchmarking, collaborative case studies and future-scenario building, all designed around four major topics. 

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