Top Tips for Delivering a Seamless Customer Experience

11am-12pm - Webinar

About the event

Making cost savings and driving efficiency are often the drivers of service transformation. Align those drivers with digital as an enabler and we can potentially look to improve customer experience and quality in customer centric service. 

Keeping your service operation working at optimum capacity and performance is a nirvana we all strive towards. In this webinar, in partnership with Agilisys, we will be exploring the top tips for delivering a seamless customer experience with our panel of experts who will offer a personal perspective on a range of issues including:

  • Understanding why customers make contact in the first place
  • Designing services for tomorrow’s citizens and customers
  • the role BPO plays to meet increased customer expectations for mobile and digital services
  • how some organisations are utilising BPO arrangements to implement new capabilities and expertise, specifically when it comes to using enabling technologies to deliver customer service
  • how digital customers service delivery leaders and experts are tacking and addressing the issues raised

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Sophie Connors


11am-12pm - Webinar