Version 6

CCA Global Standard Version 6 is a management system standard for contact centres, that applies to all areas of customer management within the contact centre environment. 

The rapidly evolving market presents us with many challenges.  'Always on' contact centres handling complex enquiries and tasks, as well as multiple communication methods including email, chat sessions and social media.  

Version 6 has been designed with a multi-channel focus and the process helps professionals understand the importance of designing systems which allow the voice of customer to be heard regardless of which channel is used.   

Version 6 not only reflects these technological advancements but also takes into account the ongoing increase in customer expectations and the demand for quick, high quality responses.  CCA Global Standard© supports the vision that everyone within the organisation is one step closer to customer, providing a platform for excellence in customer service. 

All audits are carried out to ISO 19011:2011 requirements.

The benefits of audit include:-

  • Verification of conformity to industry approved Standard 
  • Provides information for management review 
  • Increases quality awareness
  • Reduces the risk of product and service failures
  • Identifies opportunities for improvement 

Quick intro

An independent audit of your customer contact operation against industry approved requirements.  CCA Global Standard© supports an enterprise-wide ownership of the customer, providing a platform for excellence in customer service.

More info

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