Research Projects

Over the past 12-18 months we have been working with some of the UK's leading vendors to produce research aimed at challenging our current thinking in relation to how we deliver service via customer contact centres.    

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Love to engage – unlock the power of data to improve agent performance

This CCA research, carried out in association with Capita, identified clear room for improvement in agent performance measurement with 100% of survey respondents reporting that their performance data could be better. Whilst only a small proportion (41%) of the senior contact centre professionals surveyed were familiar with the concept of gamification, those who had applied these techniques reported key advantages including: encouraging competition; improving engagement; improving individual performance; and improving team performance.

Agent Effort – How difficult is it for front-line agents to meet customer expectations?

Many businesses have actively begun focusing on reducing customer effort but if agents still aren’t equipped with the right skills, technology and knowledge, organisations could still be letting customers down. This new, original research report, in association with Plantronics, focuses on how much effort agents need to make to service customers on a daily basis.

Creating an Agile Workforce: The secret to service improvement & cost reduction

New research from CCA Research Institute in association with Arise Virtual Solutions has identified four key future needs relating to workforce talent as greater empathy skills, greater problem solving skills, more in-depth product knowledge, and greater ability to be self-managing.

The report indicates that many organisations are ready to exploit greater flexibility to improve customer service but only a minority have started on the path to realisation.

Customer Effort – How hard is it to make things easy?

This report, in association with Capita, finds that ‘organisations make things too hard for customers'. In the survey, CCA members were asked to select the issues which cause customers to expend unnecessary pain during their interactions with organisations. The most commonly selected issue (65%) was ‘the number of touch-points customers have to make or the amount of information they are required to provide’.

Homeward Bound

A review of homeworking trends, benefits and challenges

Are we seeing the start of the home-working revolution or a backlash following Yahoo! Chief Executive, Marissa Myer’s recent change in strategy banning employees from working at home.

The future of customer service

The CCA Kcom ‘Future of Customer Service’ report 2013 marks the third year this authoritative research project has been carried out. A blend of bespoke consumer research, desk research and our member survey will generate unique comparative data and insight on the critical ways in which service habits and preferences are changing.

Why you need your customers to complain

For every genuine complaint, there are likely to be on average another 24 people who have had a similar experience but haven’t complained. If handled correctly, a complaining customer will be more satisfied than if they’d never had the cause to complain in the first place.

Measuring the true value of an effective customer experience strategy

This purpose of this research is to review the role of the contact centre in the wider organisation, and the opportunities available for educating the rest of the business regarding the true value of an effective customer experience strategy.

Customer Service Strategies & Tactics to Increase Engagement in the Boardroom

Omni channel, mobile centred, 24/7 customers place different demands on businesses and present challenges we have never faced before. To best address these issues organisations know they need to have a single view of the customer and break down the silos that exist in their organisations. What practical steps can we take to get closer to our ‘future’ approach?

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