Programme for 2016

All sessions for 2016 offer opportunities for learning, gaining new insights and providing new innovations and ideas for service enhancements/improvements.

The following Special Interest Groups form the basis of our programme for the year ahead. Depending on the level of membership you subscribe to, will determine the forum and sessions you can participate in.

Industry Council Thought Leadership Forum - What challenges are most likely to impact my business in the next 3 years?

Industry Council Thought Leadership Forum blends a quarterly programme of research, benchmarking, collaborative case studies and expert keynote contribution, designed to support four major topics agreed collaboratively by participants. The agenda is supported by academics, consultants and expert facilitators who can contribute latest opinions and insights.

Who should take part?
This Forum is relevant for senior executives and directors working in the areas of customer service transformation and customer management.

Digital Transformation - How are other organisations responding to the challenge?

Digital transformation is a hot topic for many organisations. Executives in all industries are using digital advances such as analytics, mobility, social media and smart embedded devices – and improving their use of traditional technologies to change customer relationships, internal processes, and value propositions. New for 2016, this forum will address the challenges being faced by organisations with a focus on the evolving digital interface and its role in delivering great customer service. Practical insights, case studies and expert views will help participants with future decisions and business strategy in this area.

Who should take part?
Executives responsible for driving digital transformation in their organisation.

Social Media Masterclass Programme - What does a successful strategy look like?

Social media has become a dominant force in consumer culture and is being successfully adopted by some of the world’s leading businesses. Some are using social media as a meaningful way of deepening relationships with their customers. Customers are connecting and having conversations about organisations through social media, whether they are actively engaged or not, and brands risk being compromised if they fail to participate. This forum will allow you to benchmark critical processes and strategies and highlight the various stages of maturity that organisations have reached with their social media strategies. This programme will also include a practical, hands-on 'what is social' session.

Who should take part?
Executives responsible for development and delivery of social strategy.

Leading Practice - Who is leading the way and is willing to share their experiences?

Raise the bar to achieve excellence. Based on the principles of CCA Global Standard© this forum brings together organisations who are on a journey towards customer service excellence. Case study presentations and round table discussions will highlight opportunities to further enhance your own customer service operation and provide you with an understanding of how your own centre measures up to Global Standard© requirements.

Who should take part?
Individuals responsible for continual improvement and leading practice.

Customer Experience Excellence - What is the definition of excellent customer service? How do I compare?

A forum bringing together the latest thinking, facilitated benchmarking workshops and best in class case study presentations focusing on how to improve customer service delivery across your organisation. Incorporating the successful CCA MBA Programme, participants will also be invited to complete the 2-part annual programme, and receive a completion certificate at the end of 2016.

Who should take part?
Executives charged with analysis and interpretation of customer insight and customer data.

BPO Users Group - Making the most of the relationship with my BPO provider

This forum focuses on the challenges and opportunities facing organisations that outsource all or part of their customer contact operations now, or are considering doing so in the future. Round-table sessions and case study presentations will focus on how to leverage better partnerships and define win-win contracts in the BPO market-place.

Who should take part?
Individuals responsible for the management of the partnership and agreements with BPO partners.

The Future of Customer Complaints - Are we making the best use of customer insight? How effective are we in dealing with customer dissatisfaction?

Complaints management seems to have moved from an operational headache to a source of strategic insight in many organisations, but too many are hampered by the legacy of disparate silos, which prevent the truth about customers’ experience being reported. This forum will showcase leading practice and innovative case studies of how best to respond to customer complaints and how to effectively deal with the growing trends by consumers to escalate to CEO offices.

Who should take part?
Executives charged with analysis and interpretation of customer insight and customer data.

Employee Engagement & Development Forum

Facilitated discussions to understand how the quality and effectiveness of existing training and HR practices can be developed further. Wider discussions include: leadership, recruitment, attrition, engagement and colleague welfare.

Who should take part?
Executives responsible for the development and delivery of HR practices and training programmes.

CEO BPO Council - Expert Network

An expert network for senior management at leading outsourcing organisations. Opportunities for showcasing leading practice and promoting the importance of strategic partnerships to the wider customer service community. A proactive campaign including profile and interviews with key stakeholders at leading BPO providers will highlight the outputs from this network.

Who should take part?
Directors responsible for the promotion and impact of BPO partnerships to clients and the wider industry.

If you would like to find out more about any of the sessions noted above, please contact the team.