My first thought on hearing the unfolding news about the banking LIBOR scandal and other related headlines was how difficult it must be for front-line agents dealing with customers at any of the organisations involved.  Equally how difficult it must be for those responsible for planning the operations which are already often stretched, during this period of unprecedented turmoil.  

Whilst many large organisations, like Tesco and National Savings and Investments, have committed to CCA Global Standard, I am continually amazed at the number of organisations that fail to do so due to "time constraints" and "change initiatives".  As Nicky Campbell said at last years Convention: "why aren't all organisations with a contact centre doing CCA Global Standard?"

Whilst the Standard alone won't provide the WOW factor for customer communications, it does allow organisations to anchor a set of robust processes around multi-channel management, legislation and regulation, and resource planning. 

As those brands that have adopted the Standard will testify, its a hugh return for a very small investment.  

So here's a thought: A basic subscription to CCA gives you access to the full Standard and the chance to do your own internal audit before committing to external assessment - why not take a look?