As we enter a new and exciting year many of us will have ambitions and resolutions both personally and professionally.  

We are really excited to be working with you in the year ahead and I would like to share a short poem which sums up these sentiments.  

Another year, another chance
To start our lives anew;
This time we’ll leap old barriers
To have a real breakthrough.
We’ll take one little step
And then we’ll take one more,
Our unlimited potential
We’ll totally explore.
We’ll show off all our talents
Everyone will be inspired;
(Whew! While I’m writing this,
I’m getting very tired.)
We’ll give up all bad habits;
We’ll read and learn a lot,
All our goals will be accomplished,
Sigh...or maybe not.
So now is the time to get started, don’t you think
Without further ado follow this quick link!! 
Best wishes for 2015! 
 Source: Joanna Fuchs